Learn how to implement algorithmic trading strategies on your platform of choice (Interactive Brokers, Zerodha, OANDA, FXCM, Alpaca, MT4 etc.). Start from scratch and gain expert level proficiency in qunatitative finance and algorithmic trading. More than 15000 satisfied students so far.

"Awesome course for the people who are looking forward to understanding algorithmic trading. I was impressed with the way the course was designed starting from the basics of python to introducing the machine learning concepts in trading.

I will try to build on the knowledge this course gave me and become a successful trader.

And finally, thank you MAYANK"

- Vikram B G

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Code Along Lectures

Each course lays emphasis on developing algorithmic thinking and delves into the core concepts from ideation to execution. Code along lectures help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic

Active Q&A Support

We understand that algorithmic trading and quantitative finance is an involved topic and therefore students are expected to have questions as they progress through the course. We consider Q&A as a critical part of learning experience and support it actively.


We take student feedback very seriously. Existing courses are updated and new courses are added based on students feedback and you are encouraged to contribute to the development of the school.

Hi, I’m Mayank.

​I have authored and published bestselling courses and books on finance and technology. I have a passion for simplifying seemingly complex topics such as algorithmic trading, machine learning, artificial intelligence and make them accessible to students with minimal technology/finance background.